March 23, 2011

Shudh Hindi meanings for some English words

This post is only for people of India or those who know hindi so its a 70% chance that this is useless for you. Its because my google analytics report says that I get 30% traffic from India.
I don't write such posts but few days ago while watching Akshay Kumar starrer Bhool Bhoolaiya, I got the idea for this post because in the movie Paresh Rawal gives the hindi word for cricket.
I found these meanings on the internet on different sites. Enjoy!
  • CRICKET : Gol guttam lakad battam de danadan pratiyogita
  • CRICKET TEST MATCH : Pakad dandu, maar mandu, de danaadan pratiyogita
  • TABLE TENNIS : Lakdi ke phalak shetra pe Le takaatak de takaatak
  • LAWN TENNIS : Harit Ghaas par Le tada tad, de tada tad
  • LIGHT BULB : Vidyut Prakashak Kanch golak
  • TIE : Kanth Langoti
  • MATCH BOX : Ragdampatti Agni Utpaadan Peti
  • TRAFFIC SIGNAL : Aavat Jaavat Suchak Jhandaa
  • TEA : Dugdh Jal Mishrit Sharkara Yukt Parvatiya(pahaadi) Booti
  • TRAIN : Sahasra Chakra Louh Path Gaamini
  • ALL ROUTE PASS : Yatr Tatr Sarvatr Gaman Aagya Patr
  • RAILWAY SIGNAL : Loh Path Gamini Suchak Yantra
  • RAILWAY STATION : Bhabhka Adda
  • BUTTON : Ast Vyast Vastra Niyantrak
  • MOSQUITO : Gunjanhaari Manav Rakt Pipasu Jeev
  • CIGERETTE : Shweta patra mandit dhumra shalakha

Now please don't tell me things like tea is also called chai or that mosquito is machhar because this post gives meanings in shudh hindi. I am no Ph.D in hindi so please don't prompt any mistakes.


  1. my favourites are tie and mosquito, what r urs?

  2. agree nice post
    check mine, u said change for change
    nice job here

  3. mail me here if u don't read the post from forum i have 2-3 questions if u can help me

  4. very interesting!!!!

  5. You just copy paste from here


    1. Utter stupidity...stop insulting Hindi you dumb've fucking written sentences for a single word...half the stuff up there was introduced to us by the British and therefore have no "Tatsam" or "Tadbhav" words for them...and look up what the double quoted words mean


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